Are you suffering in finding a way to unlock your device? Whichever brand you are carrying, we will help you to unlock your device with super-easy methods.

Tap 2 Unlock is dedicated to people who have forgotten the PIN, unlock pattern (pattern lock), or password of their mobile phones or tablets and are now unable to access it.

The following are some of the ways we help you unlock your phone:

  • Pattern Lock
  • Password/Pin Reset
  • How To Factory Data Reset
  • Hard Reset

You can only restore your phone by a factory data reset if your phone is locked by any of the above states and you forgot the pattern, password, or pin.

As an alternative to the factory reset method, we’ve compiled a bunch of other methods. We highly recommend you follow them as you’ll have a better chance of unlocking your phone without losing your stuff.

Brands We Have Covered on Mobile Phones

Unlock Android Devices Using These Easy Methods

  1. How to unlock your phone with Google security questions
  2. How to unlock using a Gmail account
  3. How to unlock the phone with Factory Data Reset/Hard Reset
  4. Using the Find My Device feature on Google, you can unlock your device
  5. Using the Android Data Recovery Tool to unlock
  6. How to unlock your Android device with a multi-tool software

There is a detailed evaluation of all methods above as well as every step that will help you to unlock your phone.